Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 273: Attended A Fundraiser

Yesterday, my random act was to collect auction items for the bowling tournament/charity auction to raise funds for The Lau Family and their son Nathan.  As I described yesterday, Nathan is currently battling a condition that will require a liver transplant, so the Children's Organ Transplant Association has put together this event to raise funds.  I cannot stress enough on here how important organ donation registration is.  It gives children like Nathan the opportunity to live a normal life.  Just like the daughter of Dee Dee, someone who has been reading my random acts since the beginning of the year.  In early 2011, Dee Dee learned that her 11 year old daughter was suffering from anemia caused by kidney failure.  After months of dialysis, a match was found and this past February her daughter had the kidney transplant.  I received an email from Dee Dee and she told me that now, at 13 years old, her daughter feels "1000 times better than she did on dialysis, and has returned to all her normal activities.  This is the type of impact that fundraisers such as the one for Nathan can have.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I will attend the fundraiser and donate to Noozles for Nathan.  To reiterate what I wrote yesterday, if you could please take a few minutes and head over to the Donate Life website to register for organ donation, so that you could ppossibly save the life of someone else. 


  1. Thanks, Ryan! The Donate Life organization is amazing. They keep track of which recipients match which donor, and facilitate confidential contact between donor and recipient families. They were able, based on the date and location of my husband's surgery to identify his donor so we could thank his/her family. And they are the ones who told us about Babygirl's donor, Jorge.


  2. Don't know if this can be called "random" acts of kindness, but is definitely an amazing approach to life. If we all could find it in our heart to do things like this, even if not on a daily basis, we would live in a completely different world.