Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 266: Fed Broke College Students

To quote Joey Tempest of the transcendent symphonic glam metal group, Europe, it's the final countdown.  Today marks the 266th act of kindness, which means there are only 100 to go.  Pure insanity, I tell ya!  The question I have been asked more than anything since doing these acts has been "What are you going to do at the end of the year?" I'm guessing it is time for me to put some serious thought into that since it seems that procrastinating on the answer might bite me in the butt.  It wouldn't be a first for me to procrastinate.  If you knew me in college, you would know that I turned procrastination into an art form (I have an extra year of college to show for it!).  Another thing that I turned into an art form in college was surviving with little to no money.  As I have said before here on this blog, we really didn't have much money growing up, and that continued into college.  My mom was busting her butt working just to pay for me to go to IU, so although she was able to help me out with some cash, I didn't have as deep of pockets as others (deep being a relative term because most college students are somewhat broke).  Besides a steady diet of ramen noodles, frozen pizzas and frat food, I utilized my cunning and guile to supply myself with all the sustenance (and beer) that I needed.  There was nothing better in college than when parents or alumni would come in town because that meant you were going to be eating like kings for the weekend.  I'd like to actually do the same for college kids that others did for me.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I am going to feed some broke college students.  My friend James recently won a gift card to Wendy's, and he gave it to me so that I could use it for one of my random acts.  I was amazed when I found out the gift card was for $200!!!  In keeping with my theme of 100 to go, I am going to get 100 "to-go" meals from Wendy's (burgers and fries) and pass them out at UIC and DePaul.  I will also be sure to give some to anyone that I see on the street who is struggling for a meal. 


  1. I remember putting in time at the local food co-op to get a discount on their already dirt cheap food during my last year of college. Once a week some friends and I would get together and make "garbage soup." Whatever was leftover, it went in there. Spagetti. Soybeans. Veggie bits. I remember all of us getting excited one time because there was a chicken wing in there to add some flavor! LOL. College can teach you a LOT.


  2. Thanks for the food i really appreciated it!!!

  3. Ryan, your Mom must be proud of you.