Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 264: Decided It Can Wait

 As I have previously documented on this site, I am somewhat addicted to technology.  More specifically, I am addicted to texting.  Thank goodness for unlimited data plans or my cell phone bill would probably be gargantuan.  There are 14 year old girls out there who would probably see how much I text and think it is too much.  I text when I wake up, I text when I am sitting on the couch, I text when I use the bathroom (ewwwwwww).  Another time that I text, even though I know I am not supposed to, is when I am driving.  My wife yells at me all the time not to do it, but I continue to do so.  I am completely against drinking and driving, but what I am doing is almost as bad.  A person who texts while driving is 23 times more like to get into a car accident than someone who isn't. I have a beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter, so getting into a potentially fatal accident isn't something that I can risk.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I have decided that "It Can Wait" and took the AT&T pledge to stop texting while driving.  This is for Lindsey and Isla, as well as anyone else that could have possibly been hurt by my risky behavior. 


  1. I'm glad you took the pledge. But the best part is that you are willing to admit that you emngaged in this dangerous habit. I think some of us believe only teenagers text while driving, or that "good people" don't do it. That isn't true. Texting is pretty addictive and anybody can be lured into texting while driving. Also, I have heard people in their 30's claim that they are good at multi-tasking and are more mature so they can handle texting and driving. Studies show that simply isn't true--no matter how good your reflexes or how old you are. In my case, I don't text while driving because I still have a flip phone! Love your blog, BTW.

  2. Good to know you decided to wait. That is being kind to yourself, too :)