Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 258: Took My Nanny To A Birthday Buffet

Sarcastic Willy Wonka is always busting my chops.

Although I have fun joking with my wife about how she is overbearing with Isla and won't "cut the cord," I too have a hard time trusting others with my baby girl (Truth be told, she isn't overbearing at all. She is just a great mother who does a tremendous job raising our daughter.  You would be hard pressed to find another baby conditioned at 2 months old to sleep from 6PM to 6AM).  It isn't that I don't trust people to take care of her, but I just don't like giving her up.  Because of those feelings that we both have about Isla, you can imagine how tough it was when it came time for us to find child care when Lindsey went back to work.  We first looked into daycare facilities here in Chicago, but decided that it wasn't for us.  We wanted Isla to have someone who was dedicated to seeing her grow up to be the supermodel genius Olympian that she is destined to be.  That is when we met Kelli.  She has been an absolute treasure for Lindsey and I, but more importantly, for Isla.  From the very beginning, Lindsey and I had nothing but trust in her ability to care for our child, and she has proven time and time again why that is.  Kelli is a part of our family now, and today is her birthday, so we needed to do something for her because that is what you do for family.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I took Kelli out for a birthday brunch at the greatest pizza place on Earth, Aurelio's, and gave her a present from our family.  Kelli, I just want you to know how important you are to us, and we are all so very lucky that you have come into our lives.  Have a happy birthday, and enjoy many bottles of Veuve donated to you by randoms.


  1. that's very sweet of you all..
    even i have a nanny, who has been with me for nineteen years...she is with us since my birth...she too has became a part of our family..

  2. That's sweet. I had a nanny, too. She took care of me, then my younger brother, and then our youngest brother. She watched all the 3 of us grow up. She's been a member of our family, too and we treat her like one. Happy birthday to Kelli!