Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 261: Sent An Email To Students

It is my belief that if the world around us is going to change for the better, we need to teach our children the importance of kindness and selflessness.  If we are ever going to eliminate things like racism, sexism, prejudice and hate, we need to impart upon the next generation the ideals that everyone, regardless of religion, race, sexual preference, etc., deserves the kindness of others. When I started this mission, my goal was to make sure I taught that sort of thinking onto my daughter.  I am honored to say that it has stretched far beyond just my daughter.  I have received countless emails from parents and teachers saying that their children have been following along with 366 Random Acts of Kindness and have been performing random acts of their own inspired by 366.  One of the emails I received was from Joel Condray, a 6th grade teacher at Challenger Intermediate School in Goddard, Kansas.  Mr. Condray told me that he and his students have been following 366 Random Acts of Kindness since Day 1, and have also been performing their own random acts throughout the course of the year.  Mr. Condray's "Secret Service" has gone about their random acts by adhering to the motto that their teacher taught them: SONY (Serve Others, Not Yourself).  He asked me if I could reach out to his kids and reinforce this message to them.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I sent an email to the 6th graders at Challenger, thanked them for following the blog, and challenged them to continue to be the positive change the world needs as they grow older.


  1. It shows that one voice can make a difference for so many. People just need a reminder every now and then.

  2. I strictly follow what is written in the picture. If I am corrupt than how can I think of bringing in a change.
    Great job Ryan:)
    Aishwariya Sarkar

  3. Thank you for giving us a shout out!~ ^-^
    From: Trissy (A student of Mr.Condray's)