Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 260: Ran A 5K

 The title of this post isn't really true.  I personally didn't do any running at all.  My wife did though, and with very little (read: absolutely none) training, she posted a great time for her first ever 5K.  The reason that I didn't do any sort of running (on top of my back issues), was because I wanted to involve Isla in this random act.  She has been the inspiration of my random acts of kindness, so as the year starts to come to a close, I want to get her involved in as many as possible.  So while I say that I "Ran A 5K," really I walked the entire thing with Isla strapped to my chest in our baby carrier.  All along the way, she was so talkative, and kept getting so excited when people would be on the sidewalk cheering her on.  As we came around the final turn towards the finish line, Lindsey was there waiting to cross it with us.  I'm sure you've made it this far into this post saying to yourself, "Hmmm I'm not sure this really constitutes any sort of kindness."  Well let me explain how.  In order to be able to run in the race, you had to put your entry fee towards a wonderful cause, which for today's Bucktown 5K, was Gilda's Club Chicago.  Gilda's Club, founded in memory of comedienne Gilda Radner by her family and friends after her passing, is a free support group that helps people who are struggling with cancer.  It allows both the person fighting cancer and their family the opportunity to gain social, emotional and informational support as they go through this difficult time in their lives.  So today, for my random act of kindness, my family and I ran (and walked) a 5K in order to raise funds used to support those who are struggling with cancer.  It is an ailment that really hits close to home for us, so anything we can do to support it, we will do.


  1. Nice. You get exercise for a good cause :)

  2. isla is so lucky to be your daughter so that she gets to be a part of all these random acts of kindness!!!...
    i really appreciate what you are doing.. keep it up!!!