Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 206: Donated Kindness

They say that birds of a feather flock together.  This is extremely true when it comes to people who perform acts of kindness for others.  Through this journey, I have met and interacted with people around the world who have missions similar to mine.  Not long ago I received a Facebook post from Rebecca of a group called Ways To Amaze.  Like 366 Random Acts of Kindness, Ways to Amaze was an idea that sprung into Rebecca's head as a way to inspire others through random kindness (and to give others great ideas on how to help others).  Throughout her website, Rebecca will be donating $1 to a different cause each month for every story posted on her site.  Since I will have at least 366 ideas to share, today for my random act of kindness, I donated some of my kindness ideas.  The ones that I shared today will go towards a group called Mum's Like Me, a group of women that donate memory boxes to hospitals for bereaved parents.  One thing I didn't mention yet is the fact that Rebecca is in Australia.  This just shows that kindness is a worldwide phenomenon that just won't stop!

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