Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 190: Spoke To My Sales Rep's Boss

My wife and I needed to get a new TV today because the one that we had unfortunately wasn't able to be safety braced to the wall.  With Isla now starting to crawl all around the house, we quickly had to move into babyproofing mode.  I figured that a couple of braces and bolts here and there would get the job done.  Man, was I wrong.  This kid gets to everything so I have to keep an eye on her at all times.  I probably didn't even need to get a TV because I can't even take 2 seconds to watch it with the female Indiana Jones finding ancient artifacts (aka my keys, some dust bunnies, the wife's earrings, etc.) at every turn. 

I will readily admit that I am not a huge electronics buff.  If it were socially acceptable, I would still be rocking a Discman (it would look great with a pair of Z Cavaricci jeans).  Needless to say, when I walked into Best Buy today, the only thing I knew that I wanted in my TV was that it had the ability to be braced to my wall.  Thankfully, I had a super knowledgeable, non-sketchy sales guy who walked me through all of my options.  Being in sales myself, I am typically hyper critical of the role, and Antonio exceeded all expectations that I had.  I couldn't finish my day without letting the store know just how awesome of an employee they had on their hands.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I called Antonio's manager and spoke to him for about 5 minutes about the great service I received today.  He said he really appreciated my call because 90% of the time that people call in, it is usually to complain.  Also, here is the TV we got successfully bracketed to the wall.  Now Isla doesn't have to worry about becoming must see TV.



  1. I just wanted you to know just how much I enjoy reading this blog, and how inspiring it is to know that there is still somebody out there trying to make a difference. Thank you for being a great role model for many people!

  2. Your description of your daughter as a female Indiana Jones cracks me up! But look at the positive: anything your lost under the couch, in the couch behind doors under tables ... will now be found! You never know what treasures may be there!

    On a more serious note, I know whenever we received a letter, phone call or email that was a positive comment about an employee, that employee got a bonus check of about $100. In most cases the employee didn't know the comment had been made until the check was presented at a department meeting. While it was used as a tool to encourage good customer service, it was always a nice feeling that somebody had taken the time to acknowledge a good job. We hear so much of the bad that it's good to hear a little of the good as well.