Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 184: Gave The Shirt Off My Back

As I am sure many of you have heard, Colorado has been suffering from some of the worst wildfires both in the history of the state and the country.  Countless people have been forced from their homes due to these fires, and they have sadly returned to nothing but ash after the fire destroyed everything they had.  Many of these people only have what they packed prior to being evacuated.  While it is impossible to replace the irreplaceable items that the fire has taken, it isn't impossible to help them in other ways.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I am going to go through my wardrobe and send clothes to the wildfire victims of Colorado.  A shirt and a pair of pants may not be a home full of pictures and memories, but hopefully it is a start in getting them back on their feet.  If you would like to make a donation of any type, please visit Help Colorado Now.  Another place to help is by purchasing a shirt at Wildfire Tees, where 100% of the profit goes to help the wildfire victims.


  1. I wish we had something similar in Spain. A terrible fire has been devastating the woods in the Region where I live and there is nothing we can do to help ... Apparently ... But I am looking for ideas with some friends ... This is so terrible :-(

  2. This is very sweet of you. I am from Colorado Springs and while I was not directly affected by the fire, many of my friends were. They need all the help they can get. Thanks