Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 187: Chewed Some Gum

Did you know that each second of the day, more than an acre of the rainforest is lost from deforestation?  The consequences of this deforestation range from the extinction of plant and animal species to global warming to humans being forced from the natural homes.  I learned these facts from a group called Project 7.  Project 7, founded my entrepreneur Tyler Merrick, has made it their goal "to ensure that everyone around the globe has access to fundamental needs for a healthy life."  They have been able to get closer to their goal through the sales of coffee, mints, t-shirts, bottled water and gum, with proceeds from the sales of these products going towards a number of causes that they have backed.  A couple of the causes that Project 7 backs in an effort to Save the Earth are Plant With A Purpose and Trees Water & People.  They are looking at helping these organizations save rainforests, aid in reforestation, and offset our carbon footprint.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I purchased and chewed some Project 7 gum.  With my purchase, 10 fruit trees will be planted back into the Earth.  If you are interested learning more about Project 7's other initiatives please visit their website.

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