Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 194: Participated In A Graduate Project

Donesha, Me, Jackie, and Veronica

I have been baffled by the press coverage of this blog (and humbled/flattered/awed).  Anytime people call me to ask if they can interview me, if I don't outwardly say it, I at least am thinking "Why?"  The reason is because I honestly feel that I am not doing anything that most people don't already do on a daily basis.  Plus, there are people out there doing WAY more than I could even imagine that deserve a ton of credit and press.  I hope to use this forum to bring as much attention as possible to those folks.  People like Len Austrevich, Corey Brooks, Brook Laura, Afam Onyema, and many others that I have met/interacted with on this journey.  I just hope that any interview or appearance can directly or indirectly help or positively affect someone else in some way, and that includes today's random act.

Two days ago, I received an email from a Northwestern graduate student named Veronica Smith.  Veronica had come across my blog recently and appreciated the message of doing random acts of kindness for other people.  So Veronica reached out to me, and asked for my participation in her capstone project that she is doing along with her classmates, Donesha and Jackie, for their graduate program at Northwestern.  She asked if they could interview me and film some of my random acts for a documentary they are making to help their complete their graduate degrees.  As with any other interview request, I was once again overly flattered and blown away that they would want to do an important project around my journey.  My feelings of flattery were immediately replaced by fear.  Fear that if I somehow mess this up, it would affect something as important as a capstone project.  I decided then that if someone thought enough of what I was doing to base something as important as a final project around my acts, then there was no way I was going to let a little fear get in the way.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I am going to be meeting with Veronica, Donesha and Jackie and participating in their documentary.  Maybe a future random act of kindness will be to send an envelope of unmarked $100 bills to their professor demanding an A.  Just kidding...or am I?


  1. Congratulations, Ryan!! You should feel honored that Veronica wants to do her project on you & the random acts. This is such a great thing to do for her.

    Veronica will learn alot from you I am sure. Hopefully, Veronica will spread the word about doing random acts for people. She sounds like a great girl. Goodluck to you and her both!!!! Veronica I hope you get an A on your project.

  2. Good job.