Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 188: Laughed At A Friend's Jokes

Imagine being completely exposed.  No, sickos, not like Lindsey Lohan getting out of a car.  A different kind of exposure.  Like being on a stage in front of a bunch of people, all the while being open to jeers, criticism, and potential failure.  Imagine the nerve required to put a ton of work into something, to try to perfect something, and then to present that in the face of those possible consequences.  Even while typing this I am starting to get nervous and sweat a little bit, so I can't even think of being in the shoes of my buddy John Thomas.  Tonight, John will be making his debut at the world famous Laugh Factory here in Chicago where he will perform a stand up comedy set in front of friends, strangers, and god (yes, Tim Tebow will be in attendance).  John has been in comedy for the past couple of years, and getting an opportunity to perform at a venue as famous as the Laugh Factory is huge for his career.  So tonight, along with my friend Doug (who will most likely be wearing at least 1 see through article of clothing), for my random act of kindness, I will go to the Laugh Factory and laugh at John's jokes.  I know great things will come from tonight because of the magic that this venue holds.  Back in April, it was the place that hosted the Jokes 4 Miles Joke-A-Thon, and helped Len and Miles get ever closer to their goal of 5,000 jokes.  Good Luck Break a leg John, and be sure to picture the crowd in their underwear (Doug will be wearing something sheer I am guessing).  If you would like to come and you live in the Chicagoland area, you can buy your tickets here.

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