Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 198: Sent An Encouraging Letter To A Future Midshipman

I met KJ Hardy in March.  We met because she helps to run a tremendous program called Reading In Motion.  Reading In Motion is an awesome organization whose goal it is to help Chicago area at-risk students at or above reading level.  I will definitely be partnering with her soon to help out Reading In Motion, but that isn't what today's act is about.

When I was speaking to KJ, something that came up multiple times in conversation were her children; most notably her 18 year old son.  She raved about what a kind-hearted, stand up person that he is.  In her words, he is "selfless, focused, and determined."  He is proving all of these attributes to be true as he has bypassed acceptance to multiple colleges in order to help protect others by enrolling in the United States Navy.  While most of his friends will be enjoying the summer by partying and hanging out before leaving for college where they will continue to party and hang out, he will be going through one of the most difficult trials of his life, Plebe Summer.  Plebe summer is a 7 week program where new recruits must endure rigorous mental and physical training, with the upcoming week being one of the most difficult.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I am going to be sending KJ's son a letter of encouragement and to thank him for being a role model for my daughter. 

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  1. Kewl-what a great idea :) It means a lot to a new service member to get support. When I had joined the Army and training got tough, the words of encouragement that had come from so many people in my life echoed in my thoughts and made my days easier.:)