Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 152: Bought a Sandwich for a Homeless Couple

It is a miserable day here in Chicago from a weather standpoint. The forecast calls for chilly temperatures and rain throughout the day. My appointments today are in a part of my territory that requires me to walk around in the weather. However, I am not going to let a few raindrops stop me from spreading kindness. A little while ago I saw a couple asking for food outside of a restaurant. They weren't asking for money, they just needed some food to get by. Although I couldn't stop at that time because I was late for an appointment, I made it a point to swing bak around afterwards. So today, for my random act of kindness I purchased a couple of sandwiches, chips and waters for the couple. They were an older couple, and it hurt me to imagine how they have gotten to this point. Regardless of how it happened I'm glad I could at least help them a little bit today.


  1. Oh, that was a very sweet thing to do today. I'm sure the couple really appreciated your kindness & generosity. It is such a rainy and dreary day in the chicago area. You probably brought them a little sunshine in your act for today. Keep up the good job!!

  2. Food can go a long way to help homeless people, my husband and I love donating food to the homeless. It's something a lot of people take for granted, but they don't! Great work! Kindness is not just the act, it's also the feeling you give them.


  3. Feeding the hungry is the best act of kindness one can ever do. Buying a sandwich for the couple is so very kind.A great act that helped quel the hunger of the poor hungry couple. God will bless you in abundance. Great act of kindness.

  4. "They were an older couple, and it hurt me to imagine how they have gotten to this point."

    Even spending a few minutes to think about how someone else could end up homeless and on the streets helps to both humble and empower us. There probably was no one thing that put them there, rather it was probably a long series of events - bad luck, bad timing, a few poor decisions, and a few bad breaks. In someways that couple could be any of us.

    To help them is to help ourselves. And to help them is to help them take one step in a better direction.

    Kudos to you!