Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 146: Bowled 4 Miles

On Day 8, I told a joke.  I didn't know it at the time, but it became a random act for a cause that I would participate in/volunteer for many more times throughout the year so far, as well as make some new friends from it.  For those that just started reading this blog, I told a joke (actually Isla told the joke for me) for an awesome kid named Miles who is currently living with his 4th recurrence of brain cancer.  Miles' father, Len, has made it his mission to get 5000 people to tell Miles a joke in order to fight cancer with humor.  Recently, Miles was supposed to leave to go to Los Angeles to undergo a potentially life saving stem cell treatment, but unfortunately the trip needed to be postponed due to an increase in his cancer numbers.  The plan to get him out to Los Angeles is still in the works, but for now, Miles will be undergoing chemo to get the cancer in check prior to his departure.  In typical Len and Miles fashion, they won't be letting the news of the postponement get them down.  Instead, they will be having a party, nay, a fest.  A MilesFest.  So this evening, along with my wife and daughter, I will be joining Len, Miles and others at MilesFest.  It is a bowling/karaoke party at Diversey Rock N Bowl here in Chicago.  So if you need a party to kick your Memorial Day weekend off right, join us there.  As always, if you have a joke, well wish, song, interpretive dance or anything else you'd like to send Miles' way, you can do so at the Jokes 4 Miles website

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  1. Awesome post. I love that you are out there doing good things, it's motivating!