Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 142: Thanked the Police

It was a pretty wild weekend here in Chicago, and the craziness continues today.  With the NATO Summit taking place here, thousands upon thousands of protesters have taken to the streets.  Unfortunately, for every legitimate protester who is here peacefully to march for their beliefs, there are 100 others that are here simply to be a part of the action and to create anarchy.  Some people are here just to destroy things and to film YouTube videos of the chaos.  Well, I guess saying "chaos" isn't appropriate because it really hasn't gotten to the point of being chaotic.  That is because the Chicago Police Department, along with police from other agencies around the country, have done a tremendous job of keeping the crazies at bay while allowing the real protesters to do their thing.  Outside of a little traffic, my family hasn't really experienced any of the residuals from the NATO.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I have made it a point to thank every police officer I have seen thus far for the job they have done not only today, but every day.  I am sending a special thank you out to my friend Paul, who is a Chicago Police Officer who has been in the midst of everything for the past week.  Stay safe out there and great job!


  1. Yes! It's been a mostly peaceful summit, but there are always those who want to cause trouble. The protesters have a right to free speech, but not a right to throw things at people; they have a right to assemble, but not a right to destroy. The police are out there, during this summit and every day, to protect the rights of those who live and work and do business in the city. They have a right to walk peaceably from place to place, they have a right to have their business protected from those who would break windows and loot, they have a right to have their property protected. Thank you, CPD for all you do, everyday!

  2. Police officers cannot be thanked enough! They protect our lives on a daily basis and we pay them peanuts. It's ridiculous!

    Our society is also ridiculous - instant phones and cameras and tweets and everything else has turned brains into mush and people don't even know how oblivious they are to the life that is actually happening around them for real.

  3. I wish more people would thank the men and women that make our home safe. They put their lives on the line everyday to make sure that things stay in order.