Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 147: Brought A Meal To New Parents

The first few weeks and months after Isla was born are a blur to me now.  Not since my fraternity hell week have I survived on such a lack of sleep.  It is insane to think about the schedule that we kept and how neither of us lost our mind.  Before she was born, I pretty much never drank coffee save for a few Java Chips from Starbucks.  The job my wife did getting Isla to be a 12 hour sleeper at 2 months deserves a trophy or medal of some sort because if the lack of sleep had continued, I might have turned into an actual zombie.  Needless to say, I can appreciate how hectic life is for the parents of a newborn.  With little to no time to cook, we survived on PB&Js and the meals that were provided to us by friends and family.  Those meals gave us the time to just relax and enjoy ourselves for a small amount of time before crying and feeding started again.  My friends just had a newborn, so I assume they are going through pretty much the same things Lindsey and I did.  So today, for my random act of kindness, we are going to bring them fresh (not home)cooked sandwiches from a great little Italian sub place here in the city.  Hopefully for a little while we can allow them to relax all while introducing Isla to her new friend.  Here is a picture of Isla when she was a newborn during one of her many naps.


  1. Since our daughter got sick one of the single biggest blessing we have received has been the gift of food. People feed us when we are in the hospital. People drop off food at the house when they know things are crazy.

    You picked a VERY good act today!


  2. I agree! When we brought our adopted newborn home it was hard. We had kind neighbors and church members that brought us food, they were angels!


  3. Since our girl got tired one of the single greatest favoring we have gained has been the endowment of nourishment. Individuals bolster us when we are in the healing facility. Individuals drop off nourishment at the house when they know things are insane.