Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 145: Helped An Old Lady Cross The Street

I don't care what Condescending Willy Wonka says.

There are certain random acts that I always keep stored in my head, and when the opportunity presents itself, I act on them for my daily act of kindness.  Today is one of those random acts that I have been planning on doing since Day 1 but haven't had the opportunity to do it.  Finally...Finally the opportunity has presented itself.  Today, for my random act of kindness, I helped an old la...ahem, female senior citizen, cross the street.  I saw her struggling to get across the street and the crosswalk light was almost down to 0.  I asked her if I could help her across, and she accepted.  We locked arms, and went the rest of the way.  She said she was surprised that someone actually came to help her.  I am super pumped about the fact that I was able to do this one.  I was starting to think I wasn't going to be able to do one of the most cliche random acts of all. 


  1. You just rarely see people offer much of themselves anymore. Since my sister is in a wheelchair, I have become aware of how many people need just a little push to get them through a doorway or down an aisle. I enjoy your blog and all that you do.

  2. That was a very nice thing to do for the senior citizen lady. You probably made her day a little brighter by helping her. It is sad that more people do not offer to help seniors, disabled or just another person when they need help crossing the street or going into a building. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello,
    First before I give you my suggestion, I would like you to know that you inspire me to be nicer and do the right thing everyday!
    My name is Kristin Austin, and I am from Nevada. I am sixteen years old and I want to make a change.
    A friend of mine by the name of Conan Obenchain was the victim of a drunk driving incident. We weren't real close, but we were close enough that the news of his accident hurt me. Conan was on his way to his house and he was crossing the street at a crosswalk when a drunk driver hit him. My classmates and I found out through the news, and were heartbroken. He has lost one of his legs. This bright young boy who had, just a few days before, brought us donuts as encouragement to study, is now injured both mentally and physically. My school has come together, doing bakesales, and McDonalds night, and donating as much money as we possibly can to support Conan and his family. I feel that more should be done. Drunk driving is serious and a lot of people don't take it's severity seriously. I want to make a difference, for all of the families of drunk driving victims, and for the victims themselves.
    I know Chicago is a LOONNNNGGG ways away from Nevada, but I felt that maybe I could suggest to you the random act of kindness, of helping Conan. It may seem selfish that I'm asking you to help one person, but I can't stand to know that someone that used to sit next to me everyday in class, is now traumatized by his accident. I know you may not be able to do much, but I was hoping maybe this would appeal to you as a good act of kindness. If you can't help, your prayers will!
    Thank you for reading and I hope you can help :)
    Kristin Austin of Nevada

  4. Your blog has been a blessing to me ever since I came across it. It encourages people to do good to every person whether you know them or not. Keep up the good work! :) God bless you!

  5. it really does feel good to lend a hand to someone in need and you should be darn proud of yourself for helping that woman cross the street! I bet she was completely thrilled and grateful for your kindness! God bless you!!