Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 124: Passed Out Laminated Signs to the Homeless

Around the time I started doing my random acts, I began to notice homeless people around the city with laminated signs that read "Homeless" "Please Help" or "Veteran."  One day, about 3 weeks ago, I asked one of the homeless people where they received the sign, and they said that a man was going around the city and passing out these signs so that people would notice the homeless rather than pass by as though they are invisible.  After doing some research, I found the man responsible for the tremendous act of kindness.  His name is Christopher Devine, and he is the founder of Homeless Signs.  Christopher started this project with a couple of his friends in an effort to bring about more consciousness to the homeless around the Chicagoland area.  Rather than have people continuously pass by the homeless with ragged and torn cardboard signs, he gave them a vehicle with which to gain the attention of passersby.  I asked Christopher if I could join him on one of his days where he passed out the signs and he happily obliged.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I am going to join Christopher in passing out laminated signs to the homeless.  Homelessness does not equal a lack of humanity, so please, if you are passing by someone, try to make eye contact or at least acknowledge that they are there.


  1. On a high school trip to NYC, we were told to ignore homeless people out of safety. Sometimes a little attention goes the wrong way to the sick ones (I guess the saying the few bad apples applies here). We were also told that sometimes if you give change to one homeless person, many will follow you wanting some too. If I am ever walking in a city and see another homeless person, I will try to take your advice. I am a grownup now, and you're right, everyone deserves a smile sometime.

    As my random act today, I emailed you a suggestion, and I'm also sharing your page with a bunch of FB people. Hopefully you'll have more followers by the end of the day!

  2. RE giving money to the homeless, I recently read something to the effect of "It's between him and God what he does with the money I give him. But it's also between me and God what I do with my money." The point being, that our generousity cannot be undone if the person we are kind to makes a choice we disagree with.

    Sometimes looking at it that way makes it easier - it's not my job to worry about anything but my own choices, and I want to be able to stand before God having made at least a few good ones!


  3. "Homelessness does not equal a lack of humanity"

    So very true indeed.


  4. Thank you for made my whole day.

  5. RE giving cash to the homeless, I recently scan one thing to the result of "It's between him and God what he will with the cash I offer him. however it is also between Maine and God what I do with my cash." the purpose being, that our generosity can not be undone if the person we tend to are kind to makes a selection we tend to afflict. click here for packers and movers bhopal