Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 130: Wore Purple

This week I have discovered that, although I am dedicating each day to a specific cause by wearing different colors, there are many different causes which are represented by these colors.  I am wearing each color this week for someone specifically or because it was suggested by someone.  So for the next could of days, on top of the specific reason that I am wearing a certain color, I am going to list all of the other causes that it represents.

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that attacks different parts and organs of the body that can range from a mild case to being fatal.  It is still unknown as to what causes lupus, and funding for research is something that is always needed.  5 million people worldwide suffer from lupus.  It is a disease that doesn't target a specific demographic as all people of all genders, ages and races can be stricken by it.  All of the previous information I had to gather from The Lupus Foundation of America because to be honest, before having it suggested as a cause for a random act, I only knew Lupus as a character from The Bad News Bears.  After doing research, I feel as though it is a cause that there is a lack of awareness for (and not just because of my personal ignorance on it).  So today, for my random act of kindness, my daughter and I are going to be wearing purple, the color of lupus awareness.  Purple doesn't just represent lupus.  There are a number of other causes with which we can bring awareness to just by wearing purple: pancreatic cancer, ADD/ADHD, Child Abuse, Crohn's Disease, and Alzheimer's.


  1. I love this blog & everything that it stands for... just yesterday my devotional was about putting others before yourself & kudos to you for being a great representative of doing just that.

  2. This blog is so different from all the other blogs, hence I like it!
    By the way, if you don't mind me asking, why "366" acts of kindness? Any particular reason? Just curious =)

    1. There are 366 days this year due to it being a leap year. One random act every single day!

  3. Bless you so much.. may you be so very blessed! Me personally, this means a lot. My sister Carla died at the age of 23 and she died from Lupus. She was diagnosed 2 weeks before her 18th birthday and it attacked her bones, joints, kidneys, her heart. She fought for 6 years until she just couldn't fight no more.. I miss her every day. Though it was 1997 when she died, I still feel like it was yesterday.. So thank you so much for supporting this cause and helping to raise awareness! Keep up the good work! Thank you!

  4. It's so sad for people who've lost loved ones to various cancers and other diseases. It's just a hard thing to watch the people who impact you the most go through suffering that no one should have to go through.
    I lost my grandma to colon cancer, (I believe its specific color is a royal blue color) and it's always hard not to think about her without being sad. She was always baking bread for anyone who had a bad day, wether it was something at their work, or if someone was having a bad hair day, she'd always be the one to step up for others and brighten up their day. And that's something that I hope I'll be able to do to follow her in footsteps.
    I love that you're getting the message out to so many people about these cancers and tips on hopefully preventing them in the future.
    Way to go!

  5. Thank you so much: I didn't ever see myself as a recipient of one of your random acts of kindness when I subscribed to your blog, but here I am in that position! I was diagnosed with possible lupus about 4 years ago, although it seems to have gone into remission now I fear for the future if it returns, and I dare not even think about what it might be doing inside me that I don't know about, so any awareness raised of this disease, which can be a "silent killer" is great. So many doctors are unable/ not informed enough to make a correct diagnosis so many sufferers go on for years without treatment. You are amazing :)

  6. I adore your site. My best friend has become so disillusioned with Xmas & the materialism of it all do I started looking up some acts of kindness we could do instead of spending $$$ on each other. I found your site & was blown away... And then found this post & it made me cry.
    I was diagnosed with lupus a year ago. & it's been the hardest struggle of my life. I'm grateful for how it has positively impacted my life & made me want up be a better version of myself but it is definitely a hard disease to live with daily. I can't thank you enough for trying to help bring awareness to this!