Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 91: Sat In The Dark

These random acts have allowed me the honor to interact with many different and inspiring people from all across the United States. What is even more overwhelming, and thanks to the speed and reach of social media, is that I have also been privileged to speak to and learn from people living in Australia, Tibet, Japan, the Ivory Coast, the UK, South Korea and many other places. If you would have told me as a child that I would have people that I could call friends in every corner of the planet, my mind would have exploded. I one day hope to take my wife and daughter to some of these places to meet up with my friends and perform kind acts in different locations. But for now, I can join along with millions of others across the globe to perform an act of kindness that will raise awareness so that we can protect our "home" for future generations. This evening, for my random act of kindness, I will turn off all of the lights in my home, and sit in the dark for one hour in observance of Earth Hour. Earth Hour was started by World Wildlife Foundation Australia in 2004 as a way to bring about awareness for the ever-growing problem of climate change. Since then, the movement has gone worldwide with over 130 countries participating with their own Earth Hour celebrations. So tonight, I am going to go against what Enrique Iglesias once told me, and turn off the lights.


  1. I'm signed up too! I love this kindness because it's so far reaching, both in its participation and the results.

  2. People in Germany started putting up solarpanels a few years back, and after Fukushima the whole Country is starting to turn away from nuclear. Today the avarage power produced by solar in Germany from ordinary peoples homes equals 16 nuclear power plants in energy production, with the top energy production that of 25 nuclear power plants. I think it's great to save energy with turning off lights and all, but it would be much greater if you take an hour of your time to put up a few solar panels!!