Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 76: Passed Out White Ribbons to Family

Right now I am at the airport with my wife and daughter. We are about to board a plane to California for the memorial service for my father-in-law. It isn't going to be a funeral, but rather, a celebration of his life. Although it may be tough to say goodbye, we are going to spend the weekend remembering all of the memories and good times we spent with John. This is a rather short post because they just called for us to board, so here is my random act for the day. When we land, we are heading to a store nearby the hotel we are staying at, and I am buying white ribbons to give to my family. White ribbons signify lung cancer awareness (lung cancer is what John suffered from). It is just a small token, but one that I know will mean a lot.


  1. Two years ago, my father-in-law passed away as well, and I remember how intense the entire experience was for all of us. We all would gravitate between wanting to celebrate his life and feeling sad for everything we never had the chance to tell him. He passed away from lung failure, although he had defeated liver cancer a few years prior to his death. He was only 63 years old.
    I know these days will be very intense for you and your family. The journey that you have begun, 366 acts of kindness, will inspire strength during this period and I am certain that it will help those around you too. Especially your wife who must be very hurt right now.

  2. Dear Ryan,
    To celebrate life. Yes, that is what we all need to do when our friends die.


  3. I visited your blog a couple of times since it it was put on blogs of note. I agree, it is better to celebrate life. Sorry for your loss.

  4. I like the positive nature of this...celebrate life. The loss will be felt, no doubt, but the life, his life, will carry on in others!

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