Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 88: Helped Isla Donate Her Outgrown Clothes

This week has really opened my eyes as to how easy it is to find things around the house that can be donated. My goal this week is to hopefully show everyone that donating to help others is simple, can take just a few minutes, and is FREE! I have other ideas for Thursday and Friday of this week that I am going to do, and I am looking forward to the donation process. Today, however, I am not personally doing the random act of kindness. Someone else has stepped up to take one of the days off of my plate....

"Move over Daddy. It is my turn for random acts!"

Although Isla can't speak, she has been giving me looks and making sounds that tell me that she wants to be more involved in the random acts. I have deciphered her "goos" and "gahs" and believe that she is trying to let me know that she is a big girl now, and since she is growing at such a fast rate, would like to donate the clothes she has outgrown to the less fortunate. So Isla and I jumped on the computer, and with the help of Donation Town, were able to find an organization here in Chicago called Sunlight of The Spirit that accepts used baby and children's clothing. Isla will be donating a great amount of outfits, socks, and shoes that she hopes will help out a few families out there.


  1. Nice! You are being a great example to her, and kids do grow so fast!


  2. Such a cuteie!


  3. Isla is quite a girl! And SO cute too.

  4. That is the cutest little girl! I hope she follows in your Acts of Kindness footsteps.

  5. I heard about your mission for your random acts of kindness and I love it! I hope to do something like that soon. Your daughter is super cute. If you get a chance maybe you can take a look at the blog I started. It's my mission to discover what makes me happy. I am tracking my 100 days of bliss and trying to get the word out to others to do something similar too.

  6. Here are some ideas for your quest:

    Offer to pick up the print jobs for someone at the office. (I just did that for my bff at work whose back was hurting. Then hole punch their stuff if they need it)

    Pick up someone's tab at a restaurant.

    My blog is: if you get a chance to read it!

    Give someone your recyclables that needs the money.

    Dedicate a song to someone on the radio.

    Offer to pray for someone in need.

    Pay someone's meter if theirs is running out.

    Bring a drink for those ladies/gentlemen that help children cross the street when school gets out.

    Leave a note for the postman in the mailbox telling them thank you and to drive safe.

    Tie a child's shoelaces.

  7. Brilliant Idea! more people should consider doing random acts of kindness, keep up the good work

  8. I love this! I always try to donate my little girl's clothes as well. In fact, one of my favorite boutiques to buy cute little girls clothing at actually donates a part of their sales to charity so I like to support them in their efforts as well.