Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 305: Trick Or Treated For UNICEF

Sung in the tune of "Monster Mash"
I was sitting on my couch late one day,
And I got an idea while I watched Isla play.
It'd be a way to make kindness arise,
And suddenly, to my wife's surprise...

I did some acts.
I did some random acts.
(Some random acts.)
It was a kindness smash.
(Some random acts.)
It caught on in a flash.
(Some random acts.)
A year of random acts

Halloween is here!  I am a huge fan of this holiday, and always look forward to seeing awesomely creative costumes.  As I previously stated, I will be going as a cocoon to my wife's catepillar and Isla's butterfly, so if you are in Chicago, keep a look out for The Very Hungry Catepillar clan.  Isla only has a few teeth, so we aren't really planning on her eating a bunch of candy.  However, she still needs to trick or treat because...well it is Halloween and every kid should trick or treat.  We thought we should try to tie a random act into Halloween and my wife discovered a tremendous way to tie in kindness and trick or treating.  For over 60 years, UNICEF has run its' Trick or Treat for UNICEF program, that has children all over the country using Halloween as a way to raise funds for the less fortunate rather than raise the amount of cavities.  So today, for our random act of kindness, my family and I will be trick or treating for UNICEF.  The funds raised go to those in need all around the world in the forms of medicine, mosquito nets, food, and other things that help others survive.  In a way to get you all in the mood for Halloween festivities, I leave you with a classic...

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