Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 294: Sweetest Day Surprise

I've documented on this blog before how insane of a sweet tooth my wife has.  I get a toothache just watching her candy eating habits.  Mary Poppins once offered her a spoonful of sugar and she ate the entire jar.  Hyperbole aside, even if my wife didn't eat as much candy as she does, she would still be the sweetest person that I have ever met.  With today being Sweetest Day, Isla and I decided that we wanted to do something for Lindsey.  What better day than Sweetest Day to make her sucrose dreams come true than a trip to the candy store.  So today, for our random act of kindness, Isla and I made Lindsey a Sweetest Day card and are taking her on a surprise trip to Dulcelandia (Candy Land) so that she can bask in sweet sugary goodness. 

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  1. Hey Ryan, I have nominated you for a blog award! I hope you accept! The questions are a bit girl but I'm sure you'll have me laughing :)