Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 297: Drank Amy's Blend

Before my daughter was born, I was not a coffee drinker.  Sure, I would have the occasional 700 calorie blended frappaccino from Starbucks from time to time, but I have never owned my own coffee pot nor was a cup o' joe in my daily routine.  However, soon after Isla was born, I needed that boost in the morning after the every 2 hour feedings that a newborn requires.  I haven't stopped drinking coffee since (though I am slowly weening myself off of it).  My wife is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.  Since high school, she always had at least one cup of coffee to start her day, and if she didn't get it, you better watch out.  So you could imagine what it was like for my wife to go an entire 9 pregnant months without coffee in her life.  As you can probably guess, we usually have coffee stocked and ready in our cupboard.

Amy Erickson was a former roastmaster for Caribou Coffee who sadly succumbed to breast cancer in 1995 at the young age of 33.  As described by the Caribou website, Amy "was loved by those around her because her enthusiasm was contagious." Annually during Breast Cancer Awareness Month since 2006, the fine folks at Caribou have released Amy's Blend, a batch of coffee made to represent and honor Amy.  Caribou donates 10% of every purchase of Amy's Blend coffee to CancerCare, a non-profit support group dedicated to help those who are afflicted with cancer and also their families.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I purchased a bag of Amy's Blend and drank it.

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  1. You drank the entire bag??!! ;)

    All joking aside...that's a great cause!