Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 281: Walked A Friend's Dog

I am a huge fan of the Chicago Marathon.  Not running it of course, but going to watch it and cheer for the athletes.  Year after year, I get the chills and get inspired at the beginning of the race when the wheelchair athletes lead the way through the city of Chicago.  This year, I was able to cheer on a couple of my fraternity brothers along with Lindsey, Isla, my brother-in-law Perry and his wife Michelle.  This was also the first year since I moved back to Chicago in 2007 that I wasn't running through the middle of the race, dodging runners, while trying to get to the other side for a softball game.  My friend Laura loves the marathon and in an effort to be involved in it again this year, she decided to help volunteer.  Volunteering for the marathon required that she work a 12 hour day starting at 4AM.  She didn't have a problem with working that long, but she did have an issue with her dog, Kasey, being cooped up for that long.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I decided to utilize Laura's hidden key, and took Kasey for a walk.  He was super excited and nearly stole a woman's grocery bag from Whole Foods.


  1. Your random acts are great pick-me-ups! It's a wonder what your next random act of kindness would've been had Kasey actually stolen the groceries. Thanks for being great! You are a awesome role model.

  2. Hi Ryan please follow my new blog @ I love reading your 365 days and how sweet to think of the dog I bet that was much appreciated by your friend !! Take care ! Heather (from Ntl Lite A Candle In Your Driveway)Have a great week !!

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