Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 230: Took A Friend Out For A Birthday Dinner

Rob and I doing the "Bad Boys" pose back in 2002

My friend Rob turned 29 years old on Wednesday.  I have known Rob for about 11 of those 29 years, and that time is filled with some hilarious/insane/inappropriate/fun/epic memories that I have.  Let me tell you a few things about Rob.  He is the biggest Michigan fan on Earth, and this isn't up for debate.  It is a fact.  Relationships have ended due to Michigan football season.  Rob and I share the same favorite movie(s) which are Bad Boys and Bad Boys II.  Rob has 2 tattoos on his thighs to signify this: one reading "Will Smith" and the other reading "Martin Lawrence" (this would be one of the aforementioned memories).  Rob is also one of the most loyal dudes that I know and would probably give up a vital organ if it meant his friend could live but he would perish.  Rob's birthday usually coincides with the Jimmy Buffett concert, and that is the usual celebration.  Since we already enjoyed that back on Day 182, I wasn't sure what we would do for his birthday.  So after some planning, tonight for my random act of kindness, some buddies and I are taking Rob out for a birthday dinner.  Tomorrow he leaves for Las Vegas for a surprise company trip, so I am hoping to get a call that he got a Joe Pantoliano tattoo to match the others.

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