Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 227: Helped Out The Miracle Man

Imagine having everything: loving wife, 2 beautiful daughters, great job working at NASA, awesome friends.  You are living the dream and on top of the world, seemingly in a position where nothing can stop you...but then something happens that does.  That is the position that Charley Yates found himself in after suffering a massive brain stem stroke that left him unconscious and paralyzed from the nose down.  Charley was placed in hospice care and his family was told to prepare to lose him within 30 days because he had less than a 1% chance of living.  He had previously signed a Do Not Resuscitate, so for seven days, Charley remained in his hospice bed with no food or water.  Then it happened.  Charley was able to move his right hand, and then able to communicate enough to let his wife know that he wanted a feeding tube.  The doctors still painted a bleak outlook and said they would only give the tube in an effort to appease his family.  Well guess what?  Charley Yates is just about to pass the 4 year anniversary of his massive stroke, and recently just took his first unassisted steps.  He has regained movement of his arms and is slowly getting back his ability to speak.  Charley Yates is indeed a Miracle Man and has no plans of turning back. However, insurance has only been able to cover only a portion of his medical bills, and since Charley was the sole earner for his family, it has left them with a huge financial burden.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I have donated to Charley's Indiegogo campaign in an effort to help alleviate some of his burden.  Charley has been through so much that if I can help take a little weight off of his shoulders, then I will. 

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