Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 218: Lived Below The Line

 This is all Lindsey and I can consume this week!

I've learned many life lessons since I started this journey, one of which is that I shouldn't take anything for granted.  My family and I are blessed to be in a position where we have never had to worry about whether or not we would be able to afford a roof over our heads or a meal when we were hungry.  I know there are so many others out there who are not always afforded this and so I have tried to make an effort to be mindful of that and donate whenever possible.  I guess saying "so many others" doesn't really put in to context how many people are actually struggling to eat every single day.  Around the world, there are roughly 1.4 billion people who are currently living below the extremely poverty line, which in the United States means that they are trying to survive on $1.50 or less for food per day.

A few weeks ago, I received a message on Facebook from a woman in Australia named Victoria Rose.  Victoria directed me to a movement that she was participating in called Live Below The Line.  Live Below The Line is a worldwide effort to raise awareness and funds for the growing epidemic of extreme poverty.  To participate in the effort, you agree that for 5 days, you will live below the line of extreme poverty, and not spend more than a certain amount (which, again, in the U.S. is $1.50) on food.  You are not allowed to accept handouts or donations.  You simply must survive the same way others around the world have to.  Victoria is actually taking it up a notch and going for 15 straight days below the line!  I figured the least I could do was to join her in her effort, and to help raise awareness for her specific cause.  So today, and for the next 5 days, my wife and I will be living below the line of extreme poverty.  If you have a moment, please visit Victoria's blog, Facebook, or Oxfam donation site!  In addition to my random acts each day this week, I will blog about how my wife and I are doing.


  1. Wow! This is amazing!

  2. This is an amazing concept. Does that mean $1.50 per person? That means that the three of us would have $22.50 for five days. We just spent $62 today for fruit, rolls and 2 steaks.

    Dang. I think we could do it, for five days. Living like that for any length of time would be very, very difficult.


  3. Peace :)
    I am from a country where, a large number of people live below the extreme poverty line, for a myriad of reasons...even thought that God Almighty has bestowed abundant resources.

    One sixth of the world is observing a month of Obligatory fast, at present,for following benefits:1.A revealed commandment 2.To become aware how the underprivileged live 3. To train in self control 4.To save and share with the 'have-not's 5.To improve health, God Consciousness and tenderheartedness 6.To try please God Almighty and many other benefits.

    These people also must 1.give 2.5 % of all their savings, each year as Zakaat, to the needy around them 2. Must make share their neighbors don't sleep hungry 3. Feed ANYONE whoever seems in need for reward from God Almighty 4.Not be exrtravagant, boastful, mean, selfish or proud....5. list is much longer, but very very practical and implementable and indeed is being implemented by many at this very moment :)

    Notwithstanding the many are below the poverty line!
    Because, majority who proclaim the faith do not actually pracrice :(

    Bright side: Things are not as bad as they could be; because a size able number is rescued by Zakaat and similar practices.
    Brighter side: If all who proclaimed the faith, ACTUALLY PRACTICED..and communicated with rest of humanity...NO ONE, No ONE NEED LIVE BELOW THE POVERTY LINE...

    GOD ALMIGHTY has provided plenty of resources to this ONE FANTASTIC WORLD!...We just need to learn to utilize better..
    Regards, Keep up the good work,
    I am with you :)
    Miriam (