Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 181: Welcomed Home Mommy

I know that Daddy is supposed to do all of the random acts, but I figured since he started them because of me, I am entitled to perform a few here and there.  The past few days have been kind of tough.  Daddy is great and all, but I really missed my Mommy.  I had a feeling that Mommy missed me as much as I missed her because she kept saying so on all the phone calls and FaceTimes she made to me.  This has been the longest that we have spent apart in my whole life.  3 days for a baby is like an eternity.  Well I got really excited this morning when Daddy told me that today was the day that Mommy came home, so I asked if I could do a random act for her.  I wanted it to be a surprise, so that is why I waited until now to post the random act.  It has nothing to do with the fact that Daddy had a busy day at work and was stressed because he couldn't find a free couple of minutes to post the act.  So today, for Daddy's my random act of kindness, I welcomed home Mommy with flowers and a home cooked meal.  When she saw me, I think she almost started crying.  I did too, but it was because I had a wet diaper that Daddy hadn't changed for over 2 hours.  I love doing random acts for my Mommy, but if it means that she has to be away from me for 3 days, then I never want to do one again!!


  1. Yea, the girls are back together! I have a hard time being away from my daughter, that must have been tough!


  2. That was a very nice thing to do for your wife. I'm sure you both are glad mommy's home. Hope everyone enjoyed your home cooked meal.

  3. Thanks for inspiring me