Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 170: Lit A Candle

Another weekend in Chicago.  Another weekend of needless shooting injuries and deaths.  It is completely insane how many people continue to be shot on a daily basis here in this city.  Over the weekend, 3 people were shot just blocks away from our house adding to the total of 8 dead and 54 either stabbed or shot from Friday to Sunday.  I love Chicago so much, but I honestly can't continue to live here if it is going to continue to be a war zone.  It really isn't cool being from the murder capital of the United States.  Although Chicago has the most shooting deaths in the country, I realize that this epidemic isn't isolated to here.  There are great people bringing awareness to how insane it is getting in this country such as Pastor Corey Brooks who continues his march across the United States, and Heather Berry who has put together National Light A Candle In Your Driveway Day as a way to remember those slain due to gun violence, specifically her grandson, Emanuel David Berry and his friend Angelica Escalante.  Berry and Escalante were simply standing in a driveway in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles when a random drive-by shooting occurred, taking both of their lives.  So tonight, for my random act of kindness, I will join Heather and others around the country by lighting a candle in front of my home to remember those who have been slain by gun violence.  I ask that if you have the time, please join us at 10PM local time and post pictures in the comments section or on the 366 Random Acts Facebook page.


  1. Ohhh I am moved beyond words thank you Ryan , Today is way harder than I could have EVER imagined remembering two sweet souls taken way before their time. And all the innocent victims that follow. It is scarey times we live in I had no idea you are from Chicago much less live there. I will hold you and your family close in prayers for safety every day. Our children and loved ones need to feel safe where they live. Thank you for spreading this it means more to me than one could ever imagine !! Take care and you have such a special soul for making this world we live in a better place !! Heather Berry

  2. Things here on the last several weekends has been very crazy wrong indeed. I'm almost afraid to listen/watch the news on Sunday night when they talk about the shootings and killings of the weekend. I will light a candle as close to the front of my condo as I can, to honor those taken way before their time by senseless violence, to be a light in the world instead of just cursing the darkness, to have that candle be a ray of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.