Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 175: Rescued Some Mermaids

I met with my friend Pat today while in New York. Pat, myself and a group of friends took the F Train to Coney Island for something called Mermaid Parade. I wasn't exactly sure what the Mermaid Parade entailed. I soon realized it was a hybrid of a carnival and a Finding Nemo costume party. Everyone was dressed as either a pirate, a crab or a mermaid. I'm not sure if anyone has ever seen someone trying to walk while wearing a mermaid costume but it seems very difficult. Even more difficult? Trying to get up from the ground while wearing said mermaid costume. So today, for my random act of kindness, I "rescued" some mermaids before they got trampled by the parade. I use "rescue" very lightly because all I really did was help them up prior to a group of people running them over. I hadnt intended on this being my random act of kindness for today, and really wasn't even going to blog about it until one of them remarked "wow, that's so kind of you." So a weird day was capped off by a weird random act.


  1. This has got to be the weirdest parade I've ever heard of. And by weirdest I mean awesome. How fun. Way to save mermaids!

  2. Hi Ryan,

    I have been following your blog for quite sometime now. I am doing something like this too. One of my blogger friend posts a Joy of Giving Card every week and we try to do what the card asks us to do.

    I admire you for having the motivation day in and day out to keep up with the good work that you do.

    I used to think that one has to do something big to do good but from you I have understood that small acts of kindness counts maybe more as it is consistent and warms the heart at unexpected times. And inspired from you, I have been trying to do some random acts of kindness myself.

    Do check the link out when you have time

    Your daughter is sure lucky. Her father is gifting her a better world. :)

  3. My daughter was there!