Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 177: Passed Out Lotto Tickets

Every year for Christmas since I turned 18, my mom has put scratch off lottery tickets in my stocking.  Every year it turns into a competition between my sister, step-sister, Lindsey and I of who can win the most on those scratch offs.  We really have no control over who will win the most, but it is fun to be able to brag that you did.

While cleaning up around the house yesterday, my wife discovered a pile of winning scratch off lottery tickets that we hadn't turned in for one reason or another (I am guessing that reason was that I misplaced the tickets).  At first we were going to just turn in the tickets for the money (roughly $35), but decided since it was surprise money, we were going to use the winning tickets to purchase new tickets and use them for a random act.  So today, for my random act of kindness, my wife and I will be passing out these tickets randomly throughout the course of our day.  Great customer service at the coffee shop? Free ticket.  Crossing guard helping kids across the street?  Free ticket.  If we see someone performing their own random act? Free ticket.  Today will be a ton of fun.


  1. love it! such a fun idea :)

  2. So many awesome ideas. Here's something maybe your readers may want to join in as a random act...this Thurs. a US Marine is arriving in his hometown of Lansing, IL at noon. The public is invited to line the route along Torrence Ave. from I-94 south to Ridge Rd. and then Ridge Rd. east to Wentworth Ave. as he is escorted through town. Come out and help welcome him home!

  3. I just posted this link on my facebook page.

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  5. This is such a nice idea. Your random act of kindness will definitely be rewarded in some ways. I'm planning to do this same thing when I have enough funds. :-) I also have a link here where I always play scratch ticket games. Maybe for your good deeds, you can win a good prize. Please click here.