Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5: Let Everyone Go First, EVERYONE

They say that patience is a virtue. For me, however, this is not a virtue that I have practiced most of my life. I have always been easily frustrated if it took too long to leave the house, if I had to wait at red lights, and if people were walking slowly ahead of me. There is really no good reason to feel like I am in a rush all the time. Everyone only has a finite amount of time on this Earth, so why not take some time to slow it all down and appreciate what is going on around you. So today's act, on top of it passing kindness to others, will also be an exercise in patience and appreciation for yours truly. Not every act of kindness has to be a donation or charity. Kindness can be spread through doing small, courteous things everyday. So the random act of kindness for today is that I am going to let everyone go first ahead of me. So if I am at a 4 way stop sign, I will wave on the other cars to go first. If there is a line at the store, I will let others in front of me. Getting on an elevator? I will be the last one on. Whatever the situation, if there is some sort of order, I will do whatever it takes to let everyone else go in front of me.


  1. This is an act of kindness that I might try, as I to get impatient when people are walking slowly in front of me etc, and when waiting for a bus I kind of operate on a who was there first basis... so for the next week I'm going to do exactly what you did and let everyone in front of me for a change.