Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22: Wrote a Poem

Today is my mom's birthday. Last year for her birthday, my wife and I surprised her with the news that we were expecting. I knew that it was an impossibility to top that this year. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and this is what she said, "Take any money you were going to spend on me, and perform one of your random acts of kindness with it." My mom has always been the sweetest person I know, so I wasn't shocked that she suggested that. I fully intend to follow through on her wishes in the near future. However, today I decided for my random act of kindness that I would thank her for all that she had done for me by attempting to write a poem for her. (Try not to laugh too hard at my attempt) So Mom, Happy Birthday, this is for you:

The First Lady of My Life

Mom, you will always be the first lady of my life.
Because of you, I knew what to look for when I was searching for my wife.
We've been through tough times together. Some, they were the worst.
But no matter how challenging, you always put my sister and me first.
You always lifted me up, even when I felt less than zero.
Not Jordan, not Payton. Not anyone. It was you Mom, that was my hero.
Even though I am older now, with a family of my own,
I still rely on you for guidance, and I know I'm not alone.
It's exciting to see you embracing your brand new Grandma role.
Instilling in your granddaughter, that which you already put in my soul.
Please make her your focus now, and show her worlds of joy.
But know that no matter what, I'll always be a Mama's Boy.


  1. Wonderful job! You are an inspiring man. Have you considered doing work at the Chicago Food Depository, Donating blood or becoming a member of Be a Match bone marrow registry (it's just a cheek swab)? Just some ideas.

  2. I am really enjoying your blog. My daughter had set a goal to do 52 charitable acts with her young children this year. Like you, she doesn't have much money to spend on the project, but your ideas are inspiring her...and me, as well.

    I thought your poem was so touching and sweet. I'm sure your Mom was thrilled to receive it! But since it might become famous, I thought I'd give you a couple grammatical corrections -- PLEASE don't mind: "sister and I first" should read "sister and me first" and when you say "show her worlds" there should be no apostrophe in the word "worlds".

    I'm hoping to follow you every single day. God bless you and your family and Mom, too.

  3. I don't know you or your family but that poem brought tears to my eyes. You might have a hidden talent there :)

  4. agree the poem was awesome, brought me to tears. Really appreciated the payton/jordan line that was very good.