Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10: Complimented 25 Strangers UPDATE!!

I love getting compliments. Everyone does. Even if they play coy or disagree when you compliment someone, deep down, they definitely appreciate it and it makes them feel better. So today's random act of kindness will be to compliment 25 or more random people during my work day. I will try to target anyone with a sad or mad look on their face in an attempt to brighten their day a little bit. My goal is to show that even small random acts of kindness will have an impact. I will follow up this evening with an update on how it went.

Update: So I definitely received my fair share of weird looks, but most people were very appreciative. When I complimented a runner on their running form, I got the double guns right back at me. One particular person today made me realize that kindness really does beget kindness. A woman (I am terribly sorry that I didn't get your name if you are reading this) saw me compliment a couple of people on the EL and struck up a conversation with me. I let her know all about 366 Random Acts and that today was dedicated to complimenting people. She let me know that she appreciated what I was doing, but more importantly, that she was going to try to compliment as many people today as possible too. That was awesome (and Thank You if you are reading this).


  1. When kindness is met with something not so kind, just remember you can't control their reaction. If your intentions are good and no harm is done, it doesn't matter if people don't appreciate it, or if they think it's weird. YOU know that what you did is right, that what you did was in keeping with your mission. And like that other woman, you may never know who else your kindness touched!

  2. My act of kindness today is promoting someone for is effort to make this world a better place to live in. So in that order a wrote an article on my own blog to promote and praise your effort.
    Your blog made me feel good.