Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23: Registered to Become An Organ & Tissue Donor

Saving someone's life. It seems like something better left to professionals like doctors, police, or fire fighters. When do most people really have the opportunity to save the life of another person? What if I told you that the opportunity was only a few clicks of a mouse button away. A friend of mine recently reached out to me and asked if I would register online to become a donor at the Donate Life website. Rather than just giving you statistics and asking you to go sign up, I will just share with you the message I received from my friend.

"It takes less than 1-minute and can literally save the lives of many people who will, not might, die. It can also improve the quality of life for someone who otherwise might not now be able to see clearly or restore tissue for someone who has been burned badly. For all the wonders of modern medicine, people suffer and die every day because they need these life saving gifts that can only come from another person. 110,000 people are on the organ/transplant list right now. My son was born with a condition that will likely one day require a liver transplant. While livers can sometimes be spliced from a living donor, I cringe to think of those who will watch their children or family member suffer because they are waiting on the list. The gift costs nothing of the person who donates it, and can have the unbelievable impact of saving or changing someone's life forever. That's a good return."

Today's random act took only a few moments of my time, and the impact it could have is immeasurable. So if you have a few spare minutes, please go to Donate Life and register to become and organ and tissue donor.


  1. Thank you for raising awareness of organ donation! My daughter is the third person in our church to receive an organ donation. She's only 12 years old, and her new kidney means a whole new life of freedom compared to her life on dialysis.


  2. Hi Ryan,
    I just wanted to say I love reading your blog. It's so encouraging to know that there are people making a difference and many of your RAKs I've been incorporating into my daily life for years.
    This post in particular was great because I just turned 16 and had forgotten that I am now able to register as a donor.
    Many Thanks and keep it up!