Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20: Bought Breakfast for a Stranger

I was slow getting up this morning and wasn't able to get breakfast before dropping off my wife and daughter. So before my first appointment of the day, I stopped in to McDonald's to grab some food (sorry babe, it was the only thing around). While I was trying to decide with which delicious fare I would clog my arteries, I noticed a woman counting change to pay for her order. It was apparent that she was going to come up short and not be able to pay for her meal. At best, she was going to be able to get just the coffee. Before she had the opportunity to cancel her order, I decided to buy the woman's breakfast. She was very thankful and sweet and even offered to give me the change to cover part of the cost. I told her she didn't need to pay me and asked if she could just do a random act of kindness for someone today. She was very happy to oblige. So, today's random act ended up actually being random and spur of the moment.


  1. Awesome Ryan. Good one! And may God bless

  2. Hey Ryan, I love what you're doing! I just found you from HuffingtonPost.

    One idea is to eat vegan for a day - it's the kindest thing anyone do to help animals, since over 95% of all animals killed, are killed for food. For more info, check out - and check out to find veg-friendly restaurants in your area. Or VegWeb to find easy recipes. Vegan eating is pretty easy in the chi.

  3. Awesome! In Georgia, the radio station, 104.7 The Fish, does the "Drive thru Difference" where you pay for the car behind you. I have done it and it is so heartwarming to hear their reactions. It usually starts a chain reaction. They also have a letter you can print to give the cashier to hand to the recipient. What a precious example for your daughter & others. Keep it up! Just found your site & I will keep watching. Have a blessed day & lifetime.