Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 358: Downloaded Tab For A Cause

In May, I found a quick and easy random act of kindness that anyone can do to raise money for many different charities.  It was called GoodSearch, and any time you did a websearch on their site (rather than using Yahoo or Google) money would be donated to a given charity by advertisers.  I like doing easy acts like these so that anyone can do them, and I recently found another one that might be the easiest random act I have ever done.  All I did was click on my Firefox browser (or you can use Google Chrome) and opened up a new tab.  A group of college students created Tab For A Cause, and extension for web browsers where advertisers on the site will donate to charities each time you open up a new tab.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I downloaded Tab For A Cause and started donating by clicking.  I needed to do something easy today because my family and I are traveling to Santa Cruz, California to spend the holidays with my wife's family.  I said yesterday that this was going to be my first ever warm weather Christmas (the others with her family were in Montana), and I am not sure I am ready for it.  Although I guess the weather there isn't supposed to be very warm, so maybe Mother Nature is trying to make me feel at home.  I am sure my wife is going to point out every single nice house that is for sale while we are there, so I better prepare myself mentally for that. 


  1. Hello Ryan, I appreciate. I have been following your blogs for sometime now. You inspire me, in fact I too wish to do something of this sort. I am privileged to follow you....

  2. Great effort! I recently wrote an article on the importance of doing random acts of kindness on a daily basis :D

  3. Such a cool idea! Read your story in the IU Alumni Magazine. I applaud all your efforts!