Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 354: Provided A Family With Christmas Presents

I know I have given her credit in the past on here, but without my wife, these random acts don't happen.  It isn't just that she helps me structure and plan out certain acts, but she inspires me each and every day.  She has been the impetus for so many acts and today's acts shows how much of a caring heart she has.

Lindsey teaches in kind of a tough area.  It is a neighborhood that has seen its' fair share of violence and is not a very affluent community.  Many of her students come from broken homes, and some of the stories she tells me absolutely break my heart.  A few days ago, she was speaking to one of her students about Christmas.  She asked the student what he asked for, and he responded that he wasn't sure if he was getting anything because the family didn't have very much money.  The holidays aren't supposed to be about presents as much as they are spending time with family, but Lindsey felt bad that the child and his mother weren't going to have anything to open on Christmas morning.  She slyly asked the student what he wanted and what his mother might want, and came home to me with an idea.  We would purchase a few presents for them and anonymously leave them in the school office for the mother to pick up.  So today, for our random act of kindness, we provided a family with Christmas presents.  This will always be the season of giving for me, and I will be sure to continue that trend through the end of the year.


  1. We select families to help out here in my office as well. We try hard to spot the ones who never ask for help, especially those who will likely spend Christmas alone. People need to know that someone, somewhere, cares about them.


  2. That was a very nice thing to do for the family. I'm sure they were very thankful & appreciative of your generosity.