Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 345: Put Money In A Bell Ringer's Kettle

If the timing works out and there is availability, I hope to be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army for one of my random acts.  Chicago has some of the most fun bell ringers from people who dress up in costumes to people who sing like professionals.  In fact, today, I even saw former White Sox slugger, Ron Kittle, ringing away and shaking hands (we never should have traded him for Ron Hassey).  People who volunteer for the role of bell ringer voluntarily put themselves outside in some of the coldest days Chicago has to offer, so their dedication to the job is unquestioned.  While driving around for work earlier in the day, I saw a bell ringer outside of a nearby Walgreens but didn't have any cash on me.  To further emphasize the dedication, many hours later, I saw the same man in the same spot still collecting donations that will be turned into Christmas dinners, clothes and toys for those in need.  Luckily by this point, I had some cash on me, so today, for my random act of kindness, I put money in a bell ringer's kettle.  Oh, and if anyone from Salvation Army is reading, I would love to help out!


  1. Just so you're aware, because I know from other posts you've written that you're in favor of gay marriage, the Salvation Army has come out against it. There are much better charities to donate time and money. Here's an article about it:

    1. OH NO! I wasn't aware of that. Now I feel awful. My hope is that the funds from this actually go towards helping people and not hindering people and their rights.

  2. That was a great random act to do. I also donated to the salvation army this year.

    I love seeing the bell ringers every year.

    The salvation army does so much for people. Check out their website to learn more about what the organization does for people. You never know when you might need there assistance or someone you know might.

    I wish we lived in a perfect world but we don't. You just can't please everybody. It's impossible. A charity can't please everybody either especially if it's a religious one. There are too many different kinds of people in the world. There isn't a perfect anything. We all have flaws. I wish everyone had the same beliefs & got along with each other but that isn't the way the world is, was, or ever will be.

  3. Hard to believe so many bell ringers are ignored. Just a few cents can make such a big difference!