Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 339: Picked A Winner (Not From My Nose)


My friend Laura (who has been a part of multiple "Days") asked me recently if I would help her class out for one of my random acts.  She asked me if I would help to decide the winner for her persuasive writing contest that she was having for her 4th grade class at Lincoln Elementary in River Forest.  Little did I know that the person that the students were trying to persuade was me!  Laura tasked her students with researching different charitable organizations that they were interested, and then to do a write-up to convince me to do a random act of kindness for those organizations.  When Laura showed up at my house with the above stack of letters (and their associated artwork), I was blown away by how much dedicated research these students had done.  After reading through each of the different papers, I wasn't sure which one I was going to pick.  However, 2 papers, both for the same organization, really stuck out in my mind due to the holiday spirit.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I picked the winning papers that 2 of the students had written about Toys For Tots.  In those students honor, I am going to be doing a random act very soon for Toys For Tots because of how persuasive they were!

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  1. As an elementary education student, I think this is a super cute idea for the students to practice their writing. I am happy you honored their request.