Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 326: Bought Someone's Thanksgiving Dinner

Grocery stores the night before Thanksgiving is a terrifying place to be.  Not only is it packed to the doors with people, but the shelves look like the entire city of Chicago were stocking up for Y2K.  My wife sent me out to the store for 3 items: coffee, 2 sweet potatoes, and eggs (thankfully not for the same dish).  I figured I could navigate the masses, grab my items and bang out of there with ease.  Not the case.  I was able to get my items rather quickly (the only set back was my indecisiveness selecting the coffee), but when I got to checkout, the lines looked like people were waiting for the new roller coaster at Six Flags.  However, the long line gave me the opportunity to observe my surroundings.  I saw a father and daughter discussing the intricacies of making a perfect turkey.  There was a teenage girl and her little brother who were doing the grocery shopping for their family.  I saw an older man buying beer and wine, all while letting the teller know how much he and his brothers were going to be enjoying those libations tomorrow.  Seeing all of these interactions reminded me of just why I loved Thanksgiving so  I love being able to get together, celebrate our traditions (typically revolving around which food to eat and which poker games to play), and being comfortable enough to unbutton my pants when I ate too much.  I got so excited that I wanted to utilize my excitement for kindness.  I saw that the grocery store had a promotion going where you were able to pay for the Thanksgiving dinner for a less fortunate family in the area.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I bought someone's Thanksgiving dinner. 

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