Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 322: Sent A Special Wedding Congrats

The year of weddings continues!  Later this afternoon, Lindsey and I are going to have the honor of performing a reading at the wedding of our friends Chas and Liz.  A number of my fraternity brothers are in town for it, so I know it will be a blast with this solid group of guys.  Now that my back is feeling 198% better, I can finally perform on the dance floor like I used to.  There will be plenty of Gangnam Style in my future.  Although I am super excited to attend the wedding today, unfortunately, another one of my great friends is getting married across the country in California.  I met Waseem back in 2005 right after I moved to California and we quickly became friends after that.  If you didn't know Waseem and I knew each other, you would actually probably think we couldn't stand one other if you saw us interacting.  Reason being, we argue about sports about 90% of the time that we are together.  One time at a Bears-49ers preseason game at Candlestick Park, security was almost called to our section because people thought an actual fight was going to break out.  When I see Waseem and his soon to be bride Erica, it reminds me a whole lot of my relationship with Lindsey.  In the same way that Lindsey helped me to mature a little, I see that Erica does the same for The Fahms.  Well, since we couldn't be there for their nuptials, I wanted to do something special for the couple.  Waseem is a gigantic fan of Bay Area sports, and more specifically, the 49ers.  Through my friend Joe, I was able to get in contact with Super Bowl Champion and 49er great, Roger Craig to see if he might be able to help me.  Instead of sending a run of the mill wedding card for Waseem and Erica, Roger offered to send a congratulatory message on our behalf...on a football.  So today, for my random act of kindness, I sent a special wedding congrats to the happy couple from my family and Roger Craig.  I hope it makes Waseem happy on his special day because I know come Monday, when the Bears beat the 49ers without our starting quarterback, he will be kind of sad before his honeymoon.

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