Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 94: Helped Someone With Their Resume

When I first started working out of college, and for the next 3 years, I was in the recruiting industry. Time and time again, I found myself helping people on everything from their presentation skills all the way down to their resume. Anything I could do to make them more hireable, I would do. Although it was work, I would always get excited when someone would get placed because I always remembered how excited I was when I got my first job. Since then, I really haven't had the opportunity to utilize my resume skills for others.

Streetwise Partners is an organization here in New York City that works with low-income individuals to help them overcome employment barriers, obtain better jobs, and achieve economic self-sufficiency. They have put together a number of different programs from mock interviews to speed networking to business writing. Tonight, for my random act of kindness, I will be joining up with Streetwise Partners to take part in one of their business writing seminars. I will be working with one of the people they mentor on their cover letter and resume, so we can make any necessary changes to improve their hireability. Although the economy and job market are improving, anything that these individuals can do to increase their chances of employment will be huge!


  1. OOO! Me next please! :-) It truly is an act of kindness that you are doing. I remember the good ole days when I would send out my resume and received at least 2 responses within a week. Now, I send out about 2 resumes a day, and my phone is eerily quiet.

    The resume and cover letter are what get you in the door-especially during these difficult, financial times.

    I'm so much enjoying this empowering blog!