Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 109: Paid Someone's Parking Meter

Since I began soliciting suggestions from people as to what I should do for random acts of kindness, there has been one that has been suggested far more than any others: paying for someone's parking meter. Unfortunately, the city of Chicago only has parking meter machines where you have to put the parking receipt on the car's dashboard. While I would love to go around paying for people's parking, I lack the ability to use a coat hanger to bust into a car to place the receipt there. I figured the year would go by and I would be unable to fulfill this request, but today, an opportunity just arose to do it. While going to pay for my own parking, a person ahead of me seemed to be having trouble with the machine. He didn't have any quarters or a debit card on him, and was trying to pay with nickels and dimes. I tapped him on the shoulder and explained how the machines work (and how terribly expensive they are) and offered to pay for his parking. He accepted and for today's random act of kindness, I was able to FINALLY pay for someone's parking meter.


  1. Yea! Where there's a will there is a way!


  2. I love this! Well done!