Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 105: Donated to the Blind Service Association Youth Program

Today, while walking with my wife to the grocery store (It was just us. We left our daughter home with a full bowl of food and water. You can do that at 7 months. Parenting 101.) we ran into a couple of people on the street who were looking to raise money. Before starting this journey, I was as guilty as anyone of just bypassing those who were out with cans trying to collect money for different programs. Now, I am more cognizant of the sacrifice some people do in giving up their weekends to raise money for something they believe in. I stopped to talk to the people that were asking for donations and found out that they were looking to raise funds for the Blind Service Association Youth Program via the Children's Benefit League of Chicago Tag Days. The BSA Youth Program provides blind youth of Chicago and the surrounding areas with special training they need in learning to become independent is not always available at home or through the schools they attend. It also provides blind youth with a six-week summer program called Pathways. "Pathways includes training in daily living skills, such as cooking, house cleaning, shopping, cane travel and money management. Kids also enjoy sports and recreation and field trips to various cultural sites. They'll play baseball, go swimming, take tandem bike rides, learn yoga, and go on a boat ride." So today, for my random act of kindness, I donated to the program so that these children can (and should) feel just like any other child.


  1. Awesome! I've always been of the mindset that a disability should not be allowed to hold anyone back. The sad truth is that it does sometimes. Thanks for helping a child!


  2. It is incredibly sad that there are so many unscrupulous people asking for money that we turn away from those who are truly helping. Good for you for taking the time to find out what these lovely people were up to! Showers of blessings on them - and YOU!

  3. My roommate in college was blind, and had attended a state boarding school for the blind in her childhood. Her spirit was amazing.

    And she taught me to ski.


  4. This reminds me of a great video I saw recently called.

    "Extraordinary People - The boy who sees without eyes"

    Check it out on youtube. Really good!