Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 35: Paid for Someone's Train Pass

There are some people out there that, no matter the circumstance or sacrifice, will do everything in their power to help you. They are the type of person that will do so much for others but never ask for or expect anything in return. A person so selfless and caring that 366 random acts of kindness is something that they accomplish in a week without even knowing it. Donna Lawrence is this type of person.

I have known Donna for about 2 years, and in that time, she has shown that she is one of the sweetest and most caring people that I have ever met. Her selflessness and kindness is infectious, and even on your worst day, she is someone that can pick you up with a few words and a smile. She is someone that doesn't ever expect reciprocity for her kindness, but deserves it so much. Recently, I learned that Donna has faced a couple of hardships. On top of a recent surgery, her mortgage payment was recently raised over $300 and her train pass went up 30%. So for a random act of kindness, I wanted to try to help alleviate some of that stress for her. I am going to take care of Donna's train pass. It is as more so a thank you for everything she has done for those around her than a random act of kindness, and she deserves it.


  1. Can I just say that you are such a wonderful person for doing these random acts of kindness. So inspiring and makes me feel better knowing that there still are kind people in the world because unfortunately we don't come across those kinds of people very often anymore.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your blogs!

  2. Good luck on your journey! Don't give up; this is an awesome project!

    Best from Texas,

  3. I'm starting my day and reading your post makes me feel good already. I hope to emulate you and do something, anything to help a needy person.

    Wai From NY