Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 32: Put Change in Washing & Vending Machines

The other day I went to go buy a water at a vending machine. When I went to go put in my money, I noticed a dollar bill was taped to the machine with a little note that read "Use Me." Since I already had my money out, and wanted someone else to get the benefit of the dollar, I left it taped there. Although I didn't use the dollar, I am going to use their idea. As I have always stated, getting kindness ideas and suggestions from others is something I welcome. So today, for my random act of kindness, the anonymous person who left the money at the machine has inspired me to do the same as they did. Before leaving my house for work, I am going to put coins into some of the washing machines in my building. Also, I am going to carry dollar bills, coins and tape, and whenever I pass a vending machine, I am going to tape the money near the payment slot. Although I won't be able to know if it happens, I am hoping that people see it and do the same!


  1. You inspired me today. I just heard about your website through Fox 59. I read it and am inspired. Today while I was at the car wash I left behind 4 quarters so that someone could sweep out their car. I left a note explaining that all they had to do was just find a way to pay it forward. I hope it works!!!!

  2. That's a very great idea Ryan. Anna from Sydney